2018 Spring Ballet Performance: 
Sunday, June 10th @ 2PM
Performer call time:  12:45-1:00

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal: 
Saturday, June 9th (see schedule below)

Location:  PS 130 (143 Baxter Street, between Grand and Hester)


COSTUMES:  Students will wear their ballet uniforms with simple additions, as we have done in years past. Girls will wear ballet skirts that match the color of their uniforms (ordered by CSBA.)  Boys will wear belts which CSBA will provide.  If your child is in the same color leotard as last year, she may reuse her skirt, but you MUST bring your skirt to class to be approved by your teacher!  New Skirt Fee:  $20.  Please bring in your old skirt for approval (or pay for a new skirt) no later than Sunday, April 22nd. New skirts will be ordered for you and will be distributed prior to the performance.  You must be responsible to bring your own skirt to the performance this year!

TICKETS:  $15/ticket.  Tickets will be available for purchase online via "TUTU TIX" this year!  All tickets will be sold online - no tickets will be sold in person or at the door!  Instructions and link to purchase coming soon. Ticket proceeds support CSBA and help to cover additional performance costs.  It's going to be a great show - please encourage your family and friends to attend!  We appreciate your support! 

ATTENDANCE/MAKE-UPS:  The dress rehearsal and performance count as the last 2 classes of the semester.  We look forward to seeing each and every one of our students perform!  If for some reason your child is unable to participate, however, please notify your teacher ASAP.  Please note that the cut-off to complete make-up classes is Sunday, April 29th.  Please do your best to attend every regularly scheduled class so your child will be well prepared!  Please note that students with poor attendance may not be able to participate in the performance.

Saturday, June 9th Dress Rehearsal Call Times @ PS 130

Find your class's call time below.  Please report to the PS 130 Auditorium.  Please be on time and ready to go in uniform and skirt, with "performance-ready" hair.  Parents of young dancers:  please make sure your child has used the restroom prior to the rehearsal.

9:45-10:45 Sunday Pre-Ballet
10:30-11:30 Saturday Pre-Ballet
11:15-12:15 Saturday Ballet 1 & Ballet 1* 
12:00-1:00 Sunday & Thursday Ballet 1
1:15-2:00 Sunday Ballet 2/3 & Thursday Ballet 2
1:45-2:30 Sunday Ballet 3/4
2:15-3:00 Saturday Ballet 2
2:45-3:30 Pointe
3:15-4:00 Saturday Ballet 3
3:45-4:30 Saturday Ballet 4 & Thursday Ballet 3/4

* Please note that call times overlap.  Please enter the auditorium at your call time quietly so as not to disturb the rehearsal in progress.  Parents may leave once their child has been dropped off,  or they may wait quietly in the designated area - but please, only one parent per child.